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February 22, 2008



WE basically have the same stroller. We got the XT. What is the difference btwn yours and the XT? Ours is grey and orange. yes, it's pretty boring but Max's lap blanket is bright red with soccer balls on it so that makes it pretty fun. It is THE city stroller in Europe. I am glad to have it and travel with it easily. When it's folded up, lock the back wheels and you can lean it up against any surface. I also, wheeled two suitcases (stacked on each other), slinged Max and wheeled the stroller behind me without any issues. This stroller is great.

The squeaky wheels is weird. I would write to Maclaren and have them look at it. Our doesn't make a sound!

Have you noticed that other parents check out your stroller and vice versa. I actually was in line at the grocery store with a mom who had the Bugaboo and she was admiring my XT and said she wished she would have bought that one instead because the Bugaboo is pretty but it's not very easy to transport, ie carrying up and down the metro.

Also, when you have a second child, there is this pedal/step thing you can attach to the stroller so both your children can go for a ride. That's what we plan on doing whenever we have a second child.


Well researched, Kat! We bought the Peg Perego Aria per my sister's recommendation. I haven't even used it yet as the Maya Wrap is Sienna's basic mode of transportation, so the jury is still out on whether it was a worthwhile purchase. If not, you can be sure I'll be referring back to this post!


i just bought the quinny zapp which i think is going to be perfect for us, we'll see. i did a lot of research online for this one. i really wanted a stroller that would fit through our small markets here in brooklyn and i could push it and turn it with one hand (because the other hand is batting the peanut away from pulling stuff off the shelves and holding a shopping basket at the same time.) the maclaren looks good for you! i know that i will never use the recline now that peanut is older. she never wants to lay back anymore. always wants to sit up and wave at people! the pushing-with-one-hand thing is super important as is the collapsing part. so yeah, i hear ya. i get the new stroller on tuesday and i can't wait! our old stroller is just not right anymore. she cries whenever i put her in it :)


hah I have nearly the same setup, the graco snap n go, and a mclaren but I got a triumph which now I am wondering if I should have put in for a more expensive one but given it was a gift and I didn't have to pay for it I shouldn't complain.

I still use my snap n go every day, I'll worry about another stroller if I don't like using hte triumph. I don't like anything bulky and big, I have neck pains and just can't deal with taking it in and out and in and out.

oh for our next car seat I am getting the new model, Britax Diplomate which is SUPER SAFE and smaller then other car sears (we have a small SUV and it's amazing how small a small SUV is compared to a big SUV lol).


I'm not in the market for a stroller, and yet I still read this article:
And, yes, the author ends up using the Maclaren the most!


I am utterly exhausted for you!! Thank god car seats and strollers weren't quite so complicated when I had to buy them. I'm glad that you found something that you don't hate and works well.


I would not trade my Peg Perego Pliko for anything. Anything. The huge basket underneath can be accessed anytime, even with the seat fully reclined. I can fit a bag of diapers and all of my groceries at once. The wheels are extremely durable. The big thing to me was that as my child grew, she did not outgrow the stroller. Almost all other strollers I see (except for the huge ones) have flimsy, noisy wheels. It just gets worse the more the child weighs. (I think the Pliko changed since your sister got hers, because the handles extend for taller people who are pushing). Also, the two handles mean I can hang a shopping bag from them easily. I also steer with one hand all the time, and the Pliko is very easy to maneuver. One last thing, I promise: the step on the back, like with the Pliko, is a must when/if you think about having another child in the future.

I have met many people around here who got Air Buggies and regretted it...too much bulk and very hard, if not impossible to navigate smaller Japanese stores.


Wow!You are a very organised mama! I'm glad you found a stroller that fits in with your lifestyle. I don't really have much advice since I really didn't think I needed a stroller, but after much insisting from mom I broke down and got one that was cheap and looked cute. I ended up not using it much and just slinging mari around everywhere. Bangkok has no sidewalk to push a stroller down and we go everywhere by car. Now i'm just glad I didn't spend a lot of money on it!


Ha, I have a Maclaren too after the first year with a seriously crappy hand-me-down Graco travel system. I really like it for being so lightweight. My kid who is almost two often resists the stroller, so if we end up having to carry it the shoulder strap and weight make it pretty tolerable. All in all a wise investment even if a little boring and common!


who knew strollers could make or break your day (and back)! Looks like you found one that suits you. I don't get the huge strollers in compact Tokyo, either, but to each his own. I found I needed 2 strollers, the heavy duty, keeps on rolling Pliko and the lite wt, push one handed down a plane aisle Combi (don't know if the model is still made). PS the xplory looks like a food/drink cart from the shinkansen


What a great research! It's funny you mention the bugaboo as the Louis Vuitton-stroller. Over here (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) all my colleague-moms (including me) do have a bugaboo.(so anyone with another one is considered special :-))

Love your blog!


you are so funny! i have like zero contact with babies and baby things, but i read your entire entry. :)


i can understand why you would consider a bugaboo as a status symbol, but i would strongly urge you to reconsider this view. i am sure lots do, but we own one simply because a friend recommended it and we loved its compactness and its design. we use it all the frigging time and because we wanted/have two kids, we thought it was worth it. and boy is it! i didn't drag it to tokyo (when i visited my parents) but over here (in belgium) its the best. :-)


Man, that sounds like hell! We went into the first store we came by (TwinkleTots in Northcote) and bought a Roger Armstrong Elfin stroller cos it was cheap ($150), could recline, is reasonably lightweight and had 3 wheels (our 4 must-haves). The brakes went after a few months but apart from that (and apart from the fact that the colours were as boring as batshit), I love it and it's still going strong! I just couldn't go through what you did - my brain would have fried!


I just put my second hand bugaboo out to pasture in favour of a brand new Maclaren and I'm loving it. Great post!


another thing with Maclaren - if u attach a bag on them they get very unstable and can turn upsidedown any moment.

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