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April 03, 2008



wow, already back at work! time is flying! i remember those days of pumping. it was tough. i always kept a picture of camille near me while i did it :) inspiration of sorts.

miss ya!

Fuji Mama

Congrats (?) on getting back to work!


Golly, he's cute. Glad to hear that your work is being flexible. Sounds like you're making the transition well.


It's not easy to go back to work, but it gets better. I actually have come to appreciate my adult time. I think it makes me a better Mom when I'm with my daughter.

Cute kid. Nice work.


You are very very lucky to have Darin as your primary child care person! They'll have a special relationship because of it I'm sure.

And good for you for continuing to nurse!

Having a kid really does give life a whole different dimension.


You are a superstar! Your work sounds very accommodating, which is nice (and unusual in Japan, I'm guessing). Good luck, Kat!


What a cute face! It makes me want to pinch the computer screen.


Omg, he's a cute kid. We gotta hook him up with Lily in the future!

I'm so sorry you have to spend all that time away from him, though. At least he's with his Daddy instead of in daycare, ne?


i'm not a huge fan of leaving the house, especially for work, and all i have to leave behind is my bed.

it must be nice to know that he is at home with a such a great dad though...


OMG he just gets cuter and cuter! 4.5 hours a day? Considering the circumstances, I don't think it could get much better than that, could it? Good luck with everything and hope that things settle into a comfy routine.


You should feel guilty abandoning your baby like that. Poor Jake! I feel like I should call Social Services or the Baby Crimes Authority or your mother.

Love Mok


Jake is soo sweet, I'd be crying in to some poor salary man's coat on the train if I had to leave that babyface!


AND you get to blog at work! Life is rough. Looking forward to more posts...

Erin Merryweather

Oh it has just begun Darling...this is exactly our story: Mr. "Mom", you back to work pumping in the closet and exhausted... It's so funny to read you thoughts.
Hey, Flynn had on his Bonds suit today...thought about you all!


Sounds like things are going well. Thanks for the note. Your office has really been great about easing you through such a huge transition. Hope to see you soon.


What a face! It must be hard, but at least Jake is in very capable and loving hands!

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