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August 22, 2008



What a gorgeous post and a lovely little boy. They grow up so fast don't they?


aw jakey!! i wish i were there so that i could give him a big hug and kiss! 10 months already? time is just flying by :( where does it go?

have you started on the baby sign language? it was around 10 months that i started with the baby sign language DVDs and about a month later (using the signs all the time) peanut started using them too! makes early communication much easier.


Oh, wow. You are right, Jake's face looks very different, definitely not babylike anymore! But definitely still cute :)


he IS growing up so fast! He is such a cutie pie. I love reading your posts because your love for your fam is so evident - you guys seem like fantastic parents! :)


hard to believe he is only 2 months away from the Big One. he looks and sounds like a delight and i am with you on the spirited part, i think he fits into the same danger class as my boys. wait until he discovers the allure of metal utensils. fun, fun.


Ohhh Kat I love reading your Jake updates! He is so so so cute. Seriously. And you're right, he is looking like a little boy these days! :) I remember when this blog was all about knitting and sakura picnics and holidays... But I'm loving learning about your beautiful little family :) Lucy - Melbourne xx


Is that a.. a Tigers Beanie? Please tell me it's Richmond and not Balmain??? If former, then my dear, at least one of you will truly be welcomed with open arms on your arrival in Melbourne.

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