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October 27, 2008



Happy Birthday Jake!

Wow- how fast has this year flown by! Hard to beleive you were only a couple days old this time last year.

Congrats to you Kat & Darin for surviving the first year.

I loved the little tibit about the neko bus- I love that bus!


Happy Birthday Jake!

The year flies by so fast doesn't it? I can't believe he's already walking! I love how you promised each other you wouldn't tell if he took his first step in front of just one parent. Glad he waited for both of you!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!! what a sweet and charming mug you've got there. i'm sure you're keeping mommy and daddy on their toes :)

hugs to you all!


Happy Birthday Jake!! One years old already? Incredible, congratulations!


oh, happy birthday, little boy. i love those october birthdays ;). it is amazing to track their growth in this way, to get to know each other and our children though a bit of a world apart.

and re the oz trip. funny what you said, a lot of other aussies made the same comment. we traversed from sydney to perth and a bit more north (about 1100 k more) and i loved almost ever minute. but we were there to see stuff...not many americans have seen america either...it is still a goal f mine to get to the south and also to return to australia. such good folks there.


Happy birthday, Jake! Walk, walk, and then run! I wish your parents they have the energy to keep up with you!


Happy birthday, Jake!


Between Slobberdan and Christopher Walkin, you guys have the best nicknames for little Jake. Beautiful birthday post!

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