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November 19, 2008



haha, i say yes to uggs! i was like ew i don't want to look like an LA girl for the longest time, but it was all over once i tried them on. oops. true, they're not the most elegant shoes, but you can still wear them with something cute, and you don't have to wear them every day. or sacrifice your love of fashion. i still wear my 4-inch miu miu heels, but i definitely appreciate my uggs on a foggy morning.


Uggs are perfectly acceptable footwear... in the house!

Growing up in Sydney, they were always considered to be great slippers. Now that I live in much colder London I have a pair with a sturdier sole that I occasionally run to the corner store in, but no further!


Just say no!

My vote is for flat boots but not sheepskin.


Totally cool, go for it.... but get yourself some of these http://eng.emuaustralia.net/index.ph
I had friends who walked the whole of Europe in them and they're made locally (well local for me;-))


I have ugg- boots too (well, not the originals....a more pricy version, but anyway)... I only wear them at home, even if I live in cold Germany. They are confortable and warm, but, despite of the fashion trends, not elegant and feminine at all... How do the Hollywood stars manage to wear them in summer??? I wonder how they could survive that.


they are heavenly.i am searching for another pair last pair bought at melbourne airport.i just discovered the silver ones online.but 30000yen here.i think i will buy another pair from australia and have them sent because they are so expensive in japan.but anyway..go for it.they are so warm and you can get away without a heavy jacket for a little longer.but remember to wear socks with them because i wore them to someones house who i didnt know very well without, and when i took my shoes off and entered their living room people just stared at my feet wondering why when it is nearly snowing do i have no socks on..


Uggs are the only thing that keep my feet warm during nyc winters. they are comfie and easy to put on so I'm a big fan esp when running around with a 6 month old!


they are still selling them in the store's in the US like macy's etc. If they are hot where you are I say go for it, they look toasty. I've never gotten a pair because by default I avoid things that are so popular the whole population has them lol. But ya know what? Sometimes the mob is right and they know a good thing when they see it.

When I was in Disney World 2 weeks ago on a whim I bought BG a pair of crocs, ya know what? Those shoe's kick ass. I think they are ugly as sin on an adult and on kids they are so-so but OMG they are so light she can walk in them perfectly, and they are easy to slip on but don't fall off. Those shoe's are just cool. Plus the cut outs are little micky house heads.

Steph VW

Well, if you already own Crocs, then you know it's a slippery slope to comfort and you'll soon see a pair of worn out Birkenstocks sitting next to you Uggs in the closet. :)

I'm all about comfort and safety in the winter when it comes to footwear - you don't want to end up on your back, staring at the sky because you were hurrying along a sidewalk in your high heeled winter boots.

Perhaps some stylish flat insulated boots?


I live in Colorado so I can't turn the corner without seeing a pair of these in the winter/fall/spring. They are literally being sold in every store in town right now- including Wal-Mart (not the UGG brand of course)! They even had a free booth at the local dept. store that was airbrushing little tattoo designs on them after purchase! I have been very tempted but for some reason everytime I put them back- I mean are they even waterproof?? My adult practicality astounds me- as a teenager I would have owned 5 pairs. I think I like my snowboots better...maybe.
Funny thing though is that hubby has a pair of the knock offs bought on clearance, and he wears them around the house all of the time. Don't think he'd wear them in them in public though!


I have to say that after seeing all the youngsters prance all over LA in Ugg boots and tank tops (it never gets THAT cold here), I find them a little tacky. That said, I've never tried one on so I don't know if comfort will overtake fashion no-no. But, I say that if you can own the look , why not? Show them how it's done and done right.


I say yes. They are super comfortable and warm and I don't know about you, but I hate being cold. I was vehemently against them until I got a pair for Xmas a few years ago, and now I want more!


I am firmly anti-Ugg. I realize that could change if I tried a pair, so I'm just not trying them on! I know what you mean though: they are not visually pleasing. It amazes me that fashionable New Yorkers still wear them!


dude, this is the last winter you will be able to wear uggs outside the house without inviting open mouthed horror from chic-ly shod melbournites. cherish your fashion freedom while you still have it! you can always wear them as slippers later!


Oh I LOVE my uggs, but they are strictly only for inside the house. I would never take the precious things outside where you could get all sorts of street grime on them...they are the epitome of snugglieness.


say no :) uggs are short for "ugly". ha! (i totally just made that up.)


I had such a laugh when these hit the fashion scene - my practical New England grandmother had been wearing them for years in snowy Connecticut, and here were these waifish starlets trotting about in their mini skirts and big fleecy boots. That can't even be *comfortable* in LA.


I live in QLD - it's still a no no to wear them out of the house. But,,, when in rome???


I just saw a young woman today looking very pretty in black uggs and jeans. But I don't think they would look pretty on me so don't want any. I love classic flat boots, horse-rider style, that can easily be dressed up or down. Uggs can look "cute", but not "serious" or "elegant"...


I agree that they are kind of wrong, but this is Japan and it is cold here! I have gone back and forth on the issue a lot, too. Something about that knee-high goodness is just so much more appealing than the skimpy room shoe...


First, I think a lot of them are totally cute. I love my UGGS: (http://www.onlineshoes.com/productpage.asp?gen=w&pcid=116380)

I would never consider wearing them in the house, only outside (no shoes indoors at my place).

Come on - they are weather proof! They take abuse well, they keep your feet warm and there are a lot of styles to choose from. What's not to love? Go UGG!


They are a little passé here now...cause every highschool and college preppy girl has a pair of black ones. However, when it's freaking cold and snowy outside, they sure keep you warm and toasty...so it's a toss up. Just don't wear them with a mini skirt in the middle of summer, please.


i'm getting a pair and i don't give a fuck what others have to say about it. it says alot about you that you actually care.

i'm really into the 100% sheep wool liners and the comfort/breathability of that and i really don't care much about the fashion part or whether they're "PASSE" give me a break. If i did care, most of my shoes wouldn't be danskos, but they are because i've given up pain just to "look cute".

if you think about it, they're the ultimate knitter's DREAM barefoot soft snuggly wool contact all day long. what could be more wonderful?

wear them whenever you want with whatever you want. who gives a crap what other people think. don't be so weak. typical white women always worried what other people think. faw!

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