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March 22, 2009



Wow! Kat, I can't believe you won't be there next time I go to Tokyo. I look forward to reading about all your adventures in your new life in Melbourne though! (Jake is just yummylicious! The walking around with eyes shut thing just kills me.)


He is growing up in leaps and bounds!

Best of luck with the move the Melbourne and I hope everything goes well with you in the future.

I am sure that Jake will be able to read back through your updates when he is older and get a glimpse into his early life. Don`t think he won`t remember some of it though- my first memory was when I had just turned 1- of a big storm that hit Brisbane!


Hey Kat, good luck with the move home! I hope you'll still update with pink goodness from down under. :)


Oh wow, you are moving really soon! I was 10 when we packed up our whole lives and moved from France to the States, and it was a very busy few weeks of packing and saying goodbye to everyone. Hope all goes well, and I'm sure you can't wait til you and J get reunited with his daddy!


oh, kat, the end of your post brought tears to my eyes. i will always remember you guys in japan and i hope that someday jake will see these posts and remember it too :) hugs! your move is not too far away now!


He's such a gorgeous little boy, Kat - the perfect combination of you and Daz. Can't wait to see you guys in Melbourne - bring on the Collingwood Japanese Bath House! Jake won't be forgetting Japan anytime soon in there!

Nicole Foote_Lenoir

HI Pinku

I live in Melbourne and have been following yours and Martine's adventures in Tokyo over the years. That's great your moving to Melbourne. I do love this city. Here's alink I thought you might like
Good Luck with the move!

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