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March 10, 2009



Eek, Japanese dentists! I went to one like 14 times to have a root canal done.


Oh, Japanese crafting gadgets are the best, no doubt about it!


Hi Kat ...you're going to have culture shock going back to Aus! But Sunday brunch at a groovy Melbourne cafe will be worth it.


I totally agree on Yuzawaya! I've missed that the most since leaving Japan. And the breakfast thing, too--here in Cairo is a GREAT restaurant that does a fabulous weekend brunch that's very American (eggs, toast, meat).

One thing I've missed since leaving: how service-oriented the Japanese are. Things in Cairo are not that way at all.


yeah, i would definitely miss yuzawaya if i had everyday access to it! :) i don't think that i even want to know about japanese dentists!


If you haven't had breakfast in Japan, you haven't heard of Fujimamas in Omotesando!

You can get a brunch platter that includes basically every type of western breakfast food, from 11-2ish.

Odaiba Tokyo

Don't you also dislike the fact that smoking is allowed in a lot of places?

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