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March 05, 2009



About Time!

Hurry Up!

My Jake bonding time is running out!

Love Mock


Good to see a post from you girl! It must be stressful, but hang in there!!! It will be sad not having you in Tokes, but I am sure Melbourne will be a heap of fun! Good luck with the move preparations and take care of yourselves!


Wishing you good luck with the move... I am very sympathetic because we found it hard enough and we'd only been in Japan for 3 years and we didn't have a baby.

And I love Ootoya too! I used to always eat there in Kichijoji when I went there on Yuzawaya missions.


I totally wrote the same list (Things I will/will not miss about Japan) before we left, too! Whenever I'm feeling natsukashii I take a look at the "will not miss" list and immediately feel better. #1 on the list: election campaign trucks with their megaphones blasting at 7am.

Good luck with the move! We will FOR SURE visit you in Oz...someday.


Good luck with the move! Sad that you are going just as I am getting ready to come to Tokyo, but maybe we can catch up in Australia one of these days. :)


Good luck with the move - having done repeated international moves myself (although without a baby in tow) I can certainly sympathise. Be warned though the Melbourne trains are pretty crazy these days too, and people don't queue nicely like they do in Tokyo!


Hurry up...I've got a nice cuppa tea and a lamington waiting for you.


oh man, i can't believe the move is so soon!! good luck with everything! i can only imagine how hard that move is going to be :(


I definitely miss Otoya as well as all the great izakayas! I've traded crowded trains for crowded freeways now and I have to say I dislike the latter just as much. At least I don't have a daily commute on them, though. Can't believe you only have three more weeks! M & A must be so bummed.


Hey! Don't steal my idea! I'm going to start Ootoya in Perth, when we eventually move back. Whenever that may be.

Well, if you do start one in Melbourne, we'll come and visit. Did you know the Ootoya in Mitaka have re-usable chopsticks and an English menu!? Yeah! I said "WTF!?" under my breath also! It's like heaven, but without all the naked dancing ladies... err...

So anyway, I don't get why the Ootoya in Kichijoji is still using waribashi.

Damn, I'm gunna miss that place, but not for a couple more years.

One thing I won't miss is "smoky *insert public eating/drinking/living space here*"s.

But I heard all JR platforms in Tokyo will be 100% SMOKE FREE starting April 1st, 2009!!!
When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true!

Jill (member of Victorian Handknitters Guild)

Pinku, I am visiting Japan for the first time, & looking for yarn shops here. I live in Melbourne, Australia, maybe we will catch up there?

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