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May 08, 2009



oh how I love Australia, I've only been to Sydney though. Its so nice! Good luck finding a nice place!


Best of luck with finding a new place. I love forward to reading about your Aussie adventures now!


Oh wow, I didn't realize that the market was so tough! Best of luck finding your new home :) In the meantime, have fun crafting!


Let me know as soon as you are settled. I live in the north-west so not too far from where you are looking. Also let me know if I can do anything to help.


Good luck with the house hunting! It's really tough in Sydney right now too. What can help is getting to know an agent who works in the area you're looking in. If you have a chat at the inspections and build up a bit of a connection (hard, because lots of real estate agents are evil) they can recommend places and put your application on the top of the pile. That's worked for a couple of people I know here. I hope it all works out soon, you'll feel so much more settled when you're all in one place and unpacked. x


I was just thinking about you the other day and hoped all was going well in your new home. Good luck finding a place...I am sure the perfect one is just around the corner. Take care!


glad you made it. i will check with our friends via facebook to see if they know of any places, they are in melbourne too.

Steph VW

I hope that you guys are settled into a nice cosy place soon, with all your stuff having arrived in one piece!

J looks very happy to be at the beach with Daddy!

Dating Japanese Girls

He looks quite a bit sad to be leaving Japan in the top pic.


wow, who knew that finding a place in melbourne would be so tough?! i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Fashion Hayley

It took my friend 5 months to find a place here in Melbourne after moving down from Sydney. Its crazy. I think the advice of getting to know the real estate agents is spot on. I would also suggest making a point of having a kid and needing to settle, they do have a heart. I've heard childless couples "borrow a baby" of a friend/relative and bring it along the inspection as it is meant to speed up the process.


wow... just checking in to see that it really is official. And, I leave for Japan tomorrow! I know it's been ages, but so funny that I have been lucky enough to spend time with you every time I've been in Japan (and lucky enough to have you as my spectacular tour guide!). I'll miss you this time around, although I'm sure I'll be seeing your smiling face (and Jake's!) in those corners of Yuzawaya! Hope all is well!

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