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September 16, 2009



Ah, Yuzawaya...Ebisu Rowan...

Hey, I just bought 2 of D's T-shirts - one for myself and one for Paul for his b-day in November!

Hi Jake :)


a post! yay! it must be such a change to go from one season to the opposite...i remember we were in australia in january and it was confusing to say the least.

jake is so sweet, such a handsome boy now. :)

las sandalias de ana

beautiful books, good links!! ;)


Hi there,
Hope you're well... I miss reading what you're up to. Is it almost a year since you left Japan now? How has re-entry been?

Biglug Jen

He's so cute! It is very obvious when they turn 2 in attitude as well as age. Our 2.5 year old has taken to telling us "leave me alone!" when he isn't getting what he wants. :)

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